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There were distinct fashions during the Elizabethan era for men as well as some restrictions regarding what they wore. Find out how men’s clothing styles were defined, what the common garments consisted of, and how they changed during this unique time period. The Elizabethan period covers the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. She ruled England during to This period is often considered a renaissance in England, in both literature, art, and even political expansion. During this time, the Protestant Exploration occurred and also expansion or exploration abroad. While England flourished during the second half of the sixteenth century, fashion remained strict for both men and women.

Cut The Caps

May 8, AM. Picture this: the plebe class has been overcoming obstacles all year long. From the moment they arrive on the Yard and are welcomed with a haircut and white works, to the grueling physical and mental demands of Plebe summer, to the academic rigors and additional pressures imposed by the upperclassmen throughout the year. Did we mention that the monument has been slathered with 50 pounds of vegetable shortening?

The frosh had to refer to the upperclassmen as “Sir. punishments dating back to the s at Penn State included: being quizzed about the.

Scores of sweaty, yelling, grease-covered midshipmen inched their way up the foot Herndon Monument yesterday, the annual rite of passage from freshman year. Peeling off T-shirts and shedding sneakers, the freshmen — or plebes — encircled the granite obelisk and in one human mass lifted their classmates to the top. Legend has it that the first to reach the “dixie cup” hat perched on the top and replace it with an upperclassman’s hat will be the first admiral in the class.

After 1 hour, 44 minutes and 21 seconds of grunting, sliding and near grabs, Ross Scott, 20, of Hawkinsville, Ga. I couldn’t believe it,” a beaming Midshipman Scott told reporters later, after receiving a plaque with an admiral’s shoulder board from Rear Adm. Thomas C. Lynch, the academy’s superintendent. The time was roughly six minutes longer than last year’s of , but far better than the longest to date of in The fastest was one minute, 30 seconds in

smoking cap

By Hugo Vaca. By the time college students are done with their educational careers, they do more than simply obtain a degree. Students receive a plethora of knowledge ranging from academics and life skills to the traditions and values of their university. All of those serve to create a notion of groupness which also works to keep students in line.

the officer-style midshipman this would be straightforward except that, in a tradition dating back to , the upperclassmen grease.

There are many ways a Victorian gentleman may choose to tie his neckwear. Here is one of the simpler knots, illustrated that you may practice at home. We have made a special cravat for demonstration. This beautifully embroidered fabric was executed in Canton, China and purchased there in by Louis Manigault while he was traveling around the world. It was made in to a ball and dinner vest in Charleston.

The lining fabric bears the Manigault name in Chinese characters. As part of his extensive education, he traveled extensively in Europe and the Far…. This stock is part of a collection of historic garments and textiles purchased from Mrs. Augusta Auctions accepts consignments of historic clothing and textiles from museums, estates and individuals. Smoking cap c.

Scally Cap History of Style and Culture

Ace: A grade of 1 in a course, quiz or test. This was a pre-alpha grading scale; the switch occurred midth century. Andy’s Tavern: Legendary dive on Alexander Street; hangout of renowned basketball coach Pete Carril, until it was converted into a sushi bar in the s. Astrogut: Popular nickname for Astronomy

Beanie: Identifying cap worn by freshmen, as required by the sophomore of the 11 independent eating clubs, where the majority of upperclassmen eat their meals. who does not go to Princeton and is brought in for the weekend as a date.

All colleges have their eccentric traditions, and the U. Naval Academy has one that’s quirkier than most. At the end of their first year, the plebes climb the Herndon Monument and remove the distinctive “Dixie Cup” plebe hat perched at the top of the foot plinth and replace it with the officer-style midshipman hat. All this would be straightforward except that, in a tradition dating back to , the upperclassmen grease the monument with lard.

While the plebes struggle to form a human pyramid to reach the hat, the upperclassmen spray them with hoses. But to the disappointment of the plebes, for whom this is a rite of passage from a grueling year, and to many Annapolis graduates, academy superintendent Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler decreed no lard, no hoses on the grounds that somebody might get seriously hurt and that the time could be better spent doing something else.

Greased, retrieving the cap could take an hour or two.

Elizabethan Fashion for Men

A tradition dating back to The U. Peter Rossi of Phoenix capped the foot obelisk slathered with vegetable shortening. It was done in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 35 seconds. The class of climbed up the obelisk in 12 minutes — the first recorded time, reported The Washington Post. The class of has the fastest time at 1 minute 30 seconds — but no grease was used that year.

One reason we have so many fabulous vintage hats is because of one of our Dealers, Dianna Hanson, also know to us as the “Hat Lady.” Dianna.

They look at:. Cultural and Social History , August Lovebirds, friends and family buy million cards for their valentines, outpacing all other single holidays for card sales besides Christmas, according to data from the Greeting Card Association, a trade group. By the late 18 th century, it was more common to give cards to a valentine of choice.

Cards could be bought or were homemade. Sociological Inquiry , December Lair , an associate professor of sociology at Gettysburg College, looks through a sociological lens to get at what it means to give and receive cards inscribed by strangers.

Harvard to House Freshmen, Select Upperclassmen for Fall Semester

As the school year opened in September of , the University of Kansas saw not only the arrival of a new crop of freshmen, but also the revival of a contentious KU tradition that had been in practice, on and off, since at least The custom required all freshmen to wear tiny caps resembling beanies. Supposedly, it was a means of instilling class and school spirit in these newcomers to campus.

From its inception around the turn of the century at college campuses across the country, the freshmen cap tradition provoked controversy at KU. Every so often there would be a university-wide debate as to whether paddling should be a proper enforcement mechanism or, indeed, whether the cap wearing should be abandoned altogether, which it was from time to time.

But this group was different.

ing in these events to submit work after the due date without penalty is left to The following privileges apply when both students are upperclassmen and are athletic pants, shorts, shower shoes, hats or hooded sweatshirts are not suitable.

In Letter to Bacow, Reps. University President Lawrence S. All courses will be taught virtually for students both on and off campus, and all will return to normal letter grading after Harvard adopted an emergency satisfactory-unsatisfactory grading system in the spring. Though students took to unofficial channels to react, the College also held a formal meeting to walk undergraduates and parents through their decision-making process Monday afternoon.

They mostly reiterated several key aspects of the Monday email and accompanying list of Frequently Asked Questions: the criteria for for upperclassmen to petition to live on campus in the fall, the shape of a planned online shopping period, and the details of a compressed academic calendar. As notable as the matters administrators mentioned, however, were the issues they left out. Claybaugh, and Dean of Students Katherine G. The earlier email announcement noted that enrolled students living off-campus will not pay for room and board.

Samyra C.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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